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Jeff Bezos the Richest Man on Earth

Jeff Bezos
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 Have you ever thought about what it would be like to have a lot of money? Have you ever wanted to own an Apple, Microsoft, Facebook or an Amazon type of company? What would you do if you were a billionaire?

Every year the industry creates a list of the World's Richest People by researching their publicly traded companies and documents that are available to the public. After years of top honors going to Bill Gates, now there is a new businessman at the head of the 2018 list. Jeff Bezos founder of is currently the worlds Richest Man. In some circles, they say he is the richest man ever.

In January alone his net worth increased by 10 Billion Dollars! View some of the links below to follow his WealthStory.


Jeff Bezos on Gooogle Seach 

Jeff Bezos on CNN

Jeff Bezos is now the richest person of all time. That should put an Amazon smile on his face. The Amazon CEO's net worth reached $105.1 billion Monday, according to Bloomberg's billionaire tracker. That eclipses the record previously held by Microsoft founder Bill Gates. Forbes, the other major tracker of the net worth of the world's richest, put Bezos' net worth at a mere $104.4 billion.  Click Here to Read more 




Jeff Bezos Profile on FORBES

Jeff Bezos on TIME / MONEY

Jeff Bezos, already the world’s richest man, has gotten even wealthier recently—adding an eye-popping $10 billion to his net worth in less than two weeks.
According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, Jeff Bezos’s net worth was $99 billion on New Year’s Day 2018. One week later, Bezos hit the $105 billion mark, making the Amazon founder and CEO richer than Microsoft founder Bill Gates had ever been, at least in nominal terms. Click Here To Read More


Now back to the question, What would you do if you were a billionaire? Would You buy a mansion, yacht, luxury cars, diamonds, and furs or would you hide some and give the rest away to charity.

Even if you are not able to make it to the top of the Forbes or Bloomberg Rich List you can still create wealth for your family, by doing at least one thing and that's finding a way to get multiple streams of income. Whether by e-commerce, smart investing or by a traditional brick and mortar, main street style businesses, the more you can manage correctly the more money you make.