Video, Image, and Picture Sales

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Instead of just advertising your online services in the form of bundles for taking pictures, you can create a secondary income source by selling digital photos and prints directly from your website.  Whether you want to sell digital or physical prints of your artistic images or sell licenses to more commercial images such as stock photography, doing this is easier than ever. 

If someone browses your gallery and sees an image they like, why not give them the opportunity to purchase this image directly from your website?  Selling photos online can offset the costs of setting up your website and even become a lucrative side activity over time. 

Stock photography was there to provide pictures of all kinds of media: publications, websites and newsletters, and name them.  In general, the person who posts the image pays a fee for a license to use the image, be it a few cents or several hundred dollars.  It was much cheaper than having cameramen on the staff today, with all the overhead they might need to develop the images.  (Unlike today, when you take a shot, you can edit it in seconds.) 

While there are a few major photography outlets - Getty Images are the 800-pound gorilla in this space - there are also a lot of so-called microstock outlets.  These sites are hungry for new content that meets their needs, and this is where they come from.  A small agency that accepts the pictures you provide will then market those pictures in its database, and if anyone wants to use them, they must pay fees.  You get a share of it - sometimes a huge share, if the conditions are right.