Social Media Outlets (FB IG Twitter, snap)

Social Media Outlets (FB IG Twitter, snap) 

  If you are a brand today, there is a nonzero opportunity on social media in a way, shape or form.  But how many brands have an active and thriving presence on social media? 


  Many people have a goal to become famous on Facebook.  It can even be temporary fame, they just want to be in the spotlight for once.  As we know it, Facebook is a huge social networking site, which makes it easier for you to meet many people and become famous if you follow the right steps, the famous famous does not mean that you need more friends and followers but you may also need people to get to know you with the help of Facebook. 

  The main thing to become popular is knowing how to create a fan page.  This will require you to work on your communication skills when it comes to unknown and random persons.  You can participate in various conversations online by sticking to the topic of discussion and adding valuable information to it.  The sense of humor is really a blessing most of the time, but when you add value to the conversation thread, you are more appreciated. 

  The good news is spreading faster and farther than anything else on social media, which is contrary to traditional media.  Psychologists explain that we care about how our friends and peers interact with what we share.  Since we generally want our friends to be happy, we'd rather share something that makes them feel good.  Hence, you will be greatly impressed if your updates are optimistic and positive.  Frankly, this shouldn't come as a surprise because the same is true for your "real life" behavior. 

  Being positive and being able to arouse powerful feelings is worthless, if you fail to attract the attention of your friends and followers.  Learn what they care about and feed their interests.  Or build an audience that genuinely cares about what you have to share.  Consider targeting different types of updates for different groups of friends. 

  Instead of posting things that no one is watching, you should understand who your target audience or fans are.  Then, determine what they like or the content that will get meaningful interactions from them. 

  To know your target audience on Facebook, you must first decide who you represent on Facebook, what skills you have, and which section of users can help you.  If you want to become popular on Facebook, you need something unique that people will care about. 

  If you are a health freak or a fitness celebrity on Facebook, your target audience will be 

Millennium Generation and health-conscious people.  Here, your content strategy will be gyms, Facebook cases that motivate people to lose weight, do aerobic exercise, go to palio and so on. 

  Know Who Your Friends Or Followers Want To Appeal.   People will not only share something that impressed them, but also want to convince others of what they are sharing.  In other words, if they think that someone they really care about will love what they are reading now, they are more likely to share it.  So try crafting your Facebook updates in a way that makes social cognition areas in the readers ’brains go!  Or in simple terms: appeal to your friends of friends! 



Instagram is one of the most popular social media sharing apps, with over 800 million users per month.  Most of the people we know are scrolling, publishing and liking around the clock - but while the app is ubiquitous, there is still some mystery about how to use it to its fullest potential. 

  This may be without saying, but it's important to be active on Instagram.  With YouTube and other platforms, activity can be active, meaning posting a video or two a week.  However, in the case of Instagram, you will need to make at least one exciting new photo per day, or at least some photo posts that you find interesting.  The important thing is to be constantly active so your followers can enjoy your content and have a lot to see when they find you for the first time. 

  Interact Regularly With Your Followers.  Your followers are bread and butter, so make sure you're eating properly.  The real secret of how you become famous on Instagram is not only by attracting followers, but also keeping them engaged.  To do this, feel free to follow them and like / comment on their photos. 

  The comments are especially good, because it can start a real conversation between you and the follower, ensuring that you make a strong connection to Instagram. 

  Participate In Community Contests.  Contests are an often overlooked part of Instagram, but it's a key tool for success.  Many popular accounts will host competitions, usually when capturing the best caption / action best captions about a specific challenge or topic. 

  In return, the winners of these challenges will usually receive rewards in the form of shouting and 

/ or follow-up from the respective homepage, which greatly increases their network of influence. 

As long as it doesn't jump too much from your usual topic, participating in community competitions is a fun way to stay connected, grow your Instagram presence. 

  Use Correct Hashtags.  The hashtags are the Instagram hub.  Everyone will post within common hashtags (and they should be you too) but monitoring the most common hashtags is not enough.  If you want to know how to become popular on Instagram, you will also need to know a thing or two about search engine optimization (SEO) and keywords. 

  On search engines and most web content, keywords describe search terms used to find specific webpages.  For this reason, websites (such as ours) use keywords to help users find our content.  With Instagram, hashtags basically work the same purpose: group relevant content together, with the best / most impact on the hike.  

 When posting to Instagram, always try to find some relevant hashtags for your photos.  Don't just settle with the most common, either- use some variety so your network is wider and people are more likely to find and like your photos / comment on them.  The right tagging really goes a long way on Instagram, just as the right SEO really goes a long way on the web widely. 

Do Giveaways.  Growth is not an easy process.  But once you start to grow, it's not so difficult to speed it up.  A great way to do this, once you're around a hundred followers, start hosting gifts. It doesn't have to be a huge prize, necessarily, but something like a $ 50 gift card icon will usually get enough people interested in liking and sharing your free posts.  

Having a free post with a motivational bonus and appropriate tagging will all ensure that your followers are sharing the post, which means that within a few days, they will see thousands of your post.  Everyone loves free stuff, and hosting the giveaway (with high-quality Instagram also) will encourage new people to find you and see what's around them. 


Twitter has captured the world.  What was once a simple social network to share short text excerpts with others has become entangled in all aspects of our lives. 

  It is almost impossible to avoid classification marks on this day and age.  Unfortunately, we live in a time when people can become famous by doing at least writing tweets that others consider interesting, comic, inspirational, or ridicule of other traits that we can quarrel with. 

  However, we never said gathering followers and creating communication opportunities was an easy task.  On the contrary, this requires you to create a captivating profile, follow others and interact with followers, and consistently generate interesting tweets.  Trust us, you will not win many followers tweeting profanity and racial slurs - at least we hope you won't. 

  Posting on Twitter can help you market your business or post your blog.  The most well-connected users on Twitter have over 100,000 followers, and some have more than 500,000 followers.  Most of these users were completely known before they started tweets, but that doesn't mean you can't climb to the top either!  Some well-chosen smart blog posts and aggressive self-promotion will get you extremely far. 

Connect and Retweet the Influencers and Celebrities.  As they say, whatever you do in life, surround yourself with smart people.  This is exactly the Twitter motto as well.  If you want to become popular on Twitter, you must first contact already popular Twitter accounts. 

  Communicating with Twitter accounts means responding to their tweets and retweeting them. 

Only a few sensible responses or maybe one funny response can get you thousands of followers. 

  Follow and Tweet on the latest Twitter Trends.  Twitter on the latest Twitter trends ensures that your tweets reach the maximum number of people as many of them follow this trend.  For example, if everyone talks about cryptography and you share tweets / memes on #crypto, you increase your chances of reaching a larger audience. 

  It is very easy to find the most popular hashtags on Twitter by clicking on Twitter Analytics and clicking on the "Trends" section under the "Explore" section in the Twitter app.  You can also check the number of people tweeting this particular trend to see if it's worth your time. 

  Posting More Visual Content.  As you probably know, tweets with visual content receive more likes, posts, and tweets than they don't. 

  As such, brands should strive to associate their tweets with an accompanying type of image. Although there is nothing inherently wrong in texting tweets only, the images are in a better position to stop serial scrollers and encourage them to take a look at your post. 

Use Questionaires Wisely.  It has now become a kept secret on Twitter that the easy way to increase engagement is through surveys.  Although this is completely misused, it still works, and as long as you ask meaningful questions, you will get responses and trust me it will always be funny.  Your account notes easily and lots of hints and followers on a consistent basis. 


  It may be difficult to find Snapchat followers, but it is not difficult to find them.  An average of over 186 million people use Snapchat every day. 

  Without the suggested user lists or the more powerful discovery features that you find on sites like Instagram or Twitter, Snapchat friends should communicate in different ways. 

  While this means that you won't be able to copy your entire Instagram follower tactics completely, not all is lost.  With a little inspiration from Insta, some old tricks, and mastering special Snapchat features, there is a lot you can do to increase your follow-up on Snapchat. 

  If you're not popular, getting people to notice you on Snapchat isn't easy.  There is no exploration section for suggesting followers based on your interests (à la Instagram), so if people don't know to search for you, your audience will be friends and family and maybe even weird additions from time to time. 

  But there are native Snap Stars, users starting from scratch and building followers on the app. Encounter some viral fame overnight by working with brands.  Others have increased their audience over time, by speaking. 

Post Content Frequently.  Just like with Instagram, the more you post, the more followers and perspectives you'll get. 

  In Snapchat, the public stories are arranged chronologically, with the last story filmed directly to the top of your followers' feed.  This means that if you want more views on Snapchat, you must post as frequently as possible in order to stay on top of your followers' feeds. 

  But this does not mean that you should start shooting after a snapshot of the ill-conceived content that does nothing but disturb your followers.  Like any great social media marketing plan, you need to come up with a great content strategy. 

  Share your Snapchat on other social media.  Unfortunately, Snapchat is not intended for discovery.  Snapchat helps people keep track of those they consider close friends and brands most important to them.  So, getting followers through the app is difficult. 

  However, as part of your overall digital media strategy, you have other social media channels that you can use to promote Snapchat.  Share your Snapchat code frequently on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and anywhere else you have followers.