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Shopify Partner Academy

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Affiliate Marketing Fundamentals

Learn the basics of Affiliate Marketing with Shopify. Get to know how entrepreneurs, tastemakers, influencers, and visionaries promote Shopify to earn commission — including tactics for content marketing and social media strategies.


Designing for Conversion: Design Principles and Techniques

Elevate your UX and boost conversion with powerful copy and action-oriented design. Learn how to implement practical design techniques including optimizing the customer journey and crafting compelling content.


App Development Certification

Are you a Shopify app developer? The Shopify App Development Certification tests your understanding of public and private app development best practices, including your ability to build intuitive merchant experiences and use Shopify’s development tools and resources.


Business Fundamentals Certification

Learn fundamental aspects of business to succeed as a Shopify Partner. Prove your understanding of the partner program and your knowledge of sales, marketing, project management, and pricing by earning the Business Fundamentals certification.


Design and Theming Fundamentals

Build striking commerce experiences by leveraging Shopify’s front-end development tools and frameworks. Learn the basic of installing, customizing, and developing themes as you familiarize yourself with Liquid, theming APIs, and the Slate framework.


Designing for Conversion: Design Testing and Iteration

Maximize the value of your design work by focusing on testing, and optimizing store designs. Discover tangible techniques - from A/B testing to card sorting - to help iterate and improve your client’s sales.


Designing for Conversion: Introduction to Design Psychology

From intuitive UX to smart defaults, design psychology impacts sales conversion for Shopify merchants. Learn how design can reduce cognitive load and impact decision making from an ecommerce perspective.


 Development Fundamentals

Whether you build products or offer client services, the Shopify ecosystem has endless resources to get you started. Get to know the business opportunities and technical tools available to designers, app developers, and software specialists.


Marketing Fundamentals

​From branding to positioning, learn how to market yourself as a Shopify Partner. Gain tactical knowledge of outbound marketing, content strategy, and social networking to differentiate your offering from your competition.


Partner Program Fundamentals

Explore the various opportunities and perks available to partners, and learn how you can maximize your development with the Shopify Partner Program. Identify how to leverage your skills and experience to grow your business as a Shopify Partner.


Product Fundamentals Certification

Do you grasp the nuances of Shopify’s platform? The Product Fundamentals certification demonstrates your understanding of the product basics, including core features and store operations, extensions and integrations, apps, themes, and Shopify Plus.


Project Management Fundamentals

Familiarize yourself with project management methodologies and principles that can positively impact all types of Shopify projects. Discover how to set goals, mitigate risk, manage stakeholders, and set expectations to make every project a success.


Revenue and Pricing Fundamentals

Explore various pricing strategies to discover the best fit for your business. Gain practical tips to choose your pricing strategy, set your rates, and ensure you are paid fairly.


Sales Fundamentals

Develop a thorough understanding of Shopify’s unique selling proposition and key differentiators. Perfect how you sell your services, find the right plan for clients, and pitch the Shopify platform to expand and refine your sales funnel.


Shopify Fundamentals

From storefronts to analytics, become familiar with Shopify’s core features and functionality. Learn how the platform’s benefits set Shopify apart and uncover the vast support network available to partners and merchants.


Shopify Plus Fundamentals

Learn how Shopify Plus offers a scalable, customizable, and secure solution for high-volume merchants. Discover the many ways partners can help Shopify Plus merchants with migrations, automation, and integrations.


Store Operations Fundamentals

Learn the basics of what it takes to set up and manage an online store. Guide your clients through the nuances of store operations to help them succeed as entrepreneurs.


Theme Development Certification

Do you know Shopify Theme Development inside out? The Shopify Theme Development certification tests your understanding of Shopify themes, Liquid, custom styling, front end tooling, SEO, accessibility, and theme specific app integrations.


Build Your Shopify Site with a 14 Day Free Trial  and Help Your Business Succeed Today!

14 Day Free Trial!