Press Releases / Low Cost Promotions (or no Cost But Time

Press Releases / Low Cost Promotions (or no Cost But Time) 

  Press releases are a powerful promotional tool, but they are often overlooked and can be valuable to almost any type of business, including freelancers and entrepreneurs.  If you don't add press releases to your marketing mix, you might miss one of the fastest and most cost-effective ways to spread the word about your services. 

  A humble press release has always been a powerful way to distribute information to journalists, publications, and the media.  However, with the increasing influence of online media channels (and social media in particular), press releases can also be used as an effective tool to increase the overall visibility of your business online. 

  If used well, press releases can inflate the reach of your online marketing campaigns and bring your message to new eyes.  But even with this somewhat new opportunity, it is important that you walk in a fine line when using this type of media for your online presence. 

  Press releases can be effective when it comes to promoting awareness of your brand, building your social presence and increasing communication with your community.  Sites like 

PRNewswire, BusinessWire, and Marketwire have helped increase the ability of press releases to target valuable traffic and drive it to your business website. 

  Although it is important to note that press releases do not add much of the SEO value to your site, there are other advantages to using it as part of a comprehensive internet marketing strategy: 

  The secret to creating a high impact marketing plan is to optimize your limited budget.  A one-time radio ad campaign, glossy brochure, or a shiny new website will quickly erode your budget and disrupt your marketing plans.  Use low budget marketing to get your message across to your customers regularly, and watch sales revenue increase. 

  There are several reasons why a low-budget marketing plan is essential for small businesses in today's enlarged advertising community: 

  • Expensive advertising exposure does not necessarily translate into increased sales.  Every marketing dollar spent should yield a good return on sales. 
  • Your target customers need to hear your marketing messages at least seven times to influence the buying decision.  Using off-budget marketing strategies doesn't allow you to repeat your message often enough to make an impact. 

  Marketing impact can be greatly improved by using multiple marketing channels.  Prospects will likely be buyers if they read about your company in the newspaper, attend a seminar, take a brochure home, and visit your small company website. 

Maximize Referrals 

  The most cost-effective way to reach new customers is by referrals from satisfied customers.  A satisfied customer who tells others about your small business is more effective than any luxury advertising campaign.  Spend some time getting customer referrals and taking advantage of oral marketing regularly. 

  These are just a few of the many tactics and strategies that small businesses use to create a high impact marketing plan for a low budget.  For more ideas, browse this list of 101 Small Business Marketing Ideas. 

  Public Relations (PR)  

  Business people want their companies to be on the cover pages of major publications.  Pr can be used to create breakthrough moments.  Public Relations is a vital tool for building successful businesses in today's business environment.  While large companies can afford to pay exorbitant rates to major public relations agencies to deal with their own PR issues, startups with slow capabilities may not have that capacity. 

  Public Relations (PR) is the practice of making use of media channels to promote your organization and create a positive overview.  Public relations is also the process of managing your brand and your organization's connections - especially in times of crisis. 

  Public relations is how brands manage their information to spread, so they are similar to a brand.  The main difference is that public relations focus on communication and reputation, while the brand relies on visual elements such as logos, websites and marketing materials. 

  Brands manage their public relations - or communications and reputation - through various media channels. 

  Securing strong PR is not an easy thing, as it requires dedicated efforts.  PR includes various programs designed to improve the corporate image and the product you offer.  You can use this tool to tell stories about your business.  Startups are always encouraged to discover story corners of a strong PR strategy.  If you are a company struggling to put your message on the market and get press releases, we welcome you to try out startup-focused PR services packages where public relations experts with years of success can help you.