Make Videos On Popular Subjects

Make Videos On Popular Subjects 

  Over the past few years, content marketing has undergone a major transformation, and the video has come to the fore and center.  Now, arguably the most effective strategy that you can use to communicate with your audience.  Especially in the era of mobile marketing, many smartphone users find it difficult to resist attractive types of video content. 

  However, despite the obvious potential for video marketing, many companies are still sitting on the sidelines.  Many marketers believe it is easier to produce blogs, case studies and even white papers.  By comparison, the concept of regularly publishing new and unique video content regularly is frustrating. 

  The truth is, video marketing isn't as complicated as it sounds.  It's just about getting to know the video content that people love watching - and then providing more of that. 

  You're ready to create videos, but you're stuck on which topics to start?  Since you have to create high-quality content regularly, you may end up with fewer thoughts.  Fortunately, there are a lot of tools and tactics that can help you find ideal hot topics for your niche. 

  Think about your work and industry for a minute.  Now think of the millions of searches people type on Google every minute of every day.  Were the opportunities people posed on Google the questions they might be able to answer? 

  AnswerthePublic collects all data from Google's auto-discovery feature and puts it in a great visual diagram for understanding.  There are hundreds of ideas that you can use on any specific topic!  Not only that, but you can imagine their perceptions as a picture for later reference or export the data as a CSV file to be harnessed later for ideas. 

  Google Trends 

  Google Trends is a free search analysis site that you can use to learn what's popular.  It is a great tool for market research, and if you explore it in depth, you will be able to get a lot of value from it. 

  There are two ways you can use this site to create topic ideas: 

   Find out what people are searching for: You can learn about popular trends in specific locations and further explore these topics to find an idea for your video.  If you want to know how a topic performs on YouTube, you can change and manage settings as well. 

  Compare topics:  If you already have some similar thoughts on the topic of the video, but you can't decide which one works best, you can use Google Trends to compare them and see how they are stacked together in terms of popularity and longevity. 

  Find sub-topics:  If you already have a theme for the main topic, you can search for sub-topics using Google Trends.  You'll be able to discover what your target audience is searching for in your own place. 


  Google Keyword Planner 

  Google Keyword Planner is a great tool for performing keyword searches and topic outlines.   Google Keyword Planner helps you with keyword searches and provides helpful insight into search volume, historical statistics, clicks and conversion forecasts along with traffic forecasts.   TubeBuddy 

  TubeBuddy is a YouTube Certified plugin that offers many great features for YouTube users.  Its keyword search feature allows you to search for terms so you can find meaningful new topics. 

  The options are limited in the free version though.  Prices start at $ 9 a month and a full suite of features are categorized as productivity tools, combined processing tools, video SEO tools, merchandising tools, data and search tools. 

  The basic free version of TubeBuddy will help you find keywords as well.  While this is only for YouTube, it is still a great way to know what kind of videos people are interested in or searching for. 

  Creating series-based content keeps people coming back and allows you to explore the topic from different perspectives. 

  This step is necessary to become an authority and own your own.  Many people just scratch the surface of threads and move forward.  If you go deep, you describe yourself as an expert in your area.  It is much easier to dive deeper than the width.  So create chain-based content that explores your chosen themes from different perspectives and perspectives and gives it more meaning. 

   Create A Stop Motion Video  

  People usually think of incredibly intertwined ideas when they think of stop motion videos, but it doesn't have to be very complicated.  Take snapshots of something on the job and bring it together in a video creator like Animoto to achieve the same stopping effect. 

  Create Event Videos  

  What do you get when you capture multiple types of video content and group them together in a short but refined video?  The answer is an event video: 

  It's part of the webinar, part of a vlog, part of a promotional video.  In the age of social media, event videos are hugely popular, especially when they involve a sneak peek behind the scenes of the cool corporate event. 

  From Vines short stories to Snapchat and Instagram Stories, the effect is played across event videos using powerful and emotional marketing technology: the fear of missing an opportunity. The FOMO phenomenon is a psychological stimulus, where people experience anxiety when they feel excluded from social events, new experiences or important events. 

  Spoof creation can be one of the most creative video ideas on this list.  Can you think of a smart showcase for a popular movie clip, music video, or funny thing that he recently made online tours?  People love seeing fluctuations on related and new topics, and if you are thinking about something original, you can use this fact for your business's benefit.  Act fast, and don't let the trend fade before publishing a video.  If you do, it will be like serving old bread - stay on the leading edge of the trend, don't follow it. 

  Don't spill the beans with a tweet.  Post a short video clip announcing the next big deal about your business and post it on social media.  Video marketing content allows you to build hype with real character and on-screen animations.