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New York City

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Today I'm focused on being a Great Google Local Guide!

It's so exciting to capture video clips, images and pictures, post them to Google Maps, then get a quick response whether by views, comments, questions or concerns. I just love being a Google local guide!

I received my first One Million views by December 2018. In 2020 I took it to the next level, getting over 130 Million New Views. Then in September 2021 I hit the 300 Million mark, and 360 million in December. It's so cool to watch these numbers rise!

If you like to shop, go to restaurants, entertainment venues or just chill in your city you can be a Local Guide Also! It's So Easy!

Just have fun and share your experience! Your thoughts can be important to others!  

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Google Local Guide with Greg Reese LaQuinta Inn


My First Image to Get Over One Million Views

Currently I have Over Six Hundred Sixteen Million photo and video views! Look at some of my pictures, reviews and contributions below, and you can use them as an exclusive guide map to some of the places I've traveled!

You can see my reviews and see what you like about my thoughts!


American Dream Greg Reese Google Local Guide


In October 2019, I captured content at a popular mall in New Jersey. Within minutes there where hundreds of views. In an hour there were thousands of views and in 48 hours there were over one million views on the American Dream mall alone!

You can also add your own reviews and contributions!

It's an exciting social media platform that Google has designed for us to be contribute and to share with other users! Check out my Google Local Guide Photos! Click the link to see more and I know you'll like it!


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This is my current Local Guide Level as of December 18, 2019

I've been building with great video clips, photos and reviews!


Greg Reese Google Local Guide Level



I had no idea that this image would be so popular!

Image from December 2019 the Original Post was Fall 2018.


Burger Fi Greg Reese Google Local Guide First Popular Image

First BurgerFi Review in 2018


I tried something new today! BurgerFi! I loved it! From the Natural food to the customer service! The branding was even more awesome! And when I say branding, I mean the buns were branded! That's Hot! I've never seen that before. This time I tried a plain lettuce and mushroom burger with the sauce on the side, just in case. Next time I will try a Double Cheese Burger with sauce, mushrooms, lettuce and pickles. It was a little slow before we got there, so we had a chance to meet the manager, and we spoke to him for a few minutes! Great Guy!!! Shout out to the young lady that took our order, she is so cool!!! Overall I say 5 stars! Get ready for the Burgerfication of the Nation, So Find a Location, then Head to Vacation!


Response from the owner 4 weeks ago
Hi Greg, We are so glad you tried us! There's nothing better than when you bite into a great, hot, juicy burger =) BurgerFi cannot wait until your next visit! Kind Regards, Meredith A.  Customer Care



New York Images Can Be Very Popular

This was the fastest popular set of photos! When I posted photos of the Downtown New York Marriott I didn't know it would be so popular in such a short period of time. Within 6 hours they had hundreds of views each!

These are images from 2018 just after I first made the post. I'm sure they each have tens of thousands of views by now!

 Downtown Manhattan Marriott



This is Daisy's Diner in Brooklyn, another popular photo!

Images from December 2019

Greg Reese Google Local Guide Diner




The Christ Hospital Tower is one of the most iconic structures in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. You can see it from miles away and it lights up the sky! I've post various images, angles and sides of this tower and they all seem to receive a lot of views!

Christ Hospital Greg Reese Google Local Guide


Flashback Greg Reese Google Local Guide Video