Frequency Of Your Videos And Web Content (When To Publish)

Frequency Of Your Videos And Web Content (When To Publish) 


  Creating a loyal audience on publishing platforms requires more than writing a few paragraphs on a topic and posting it as a post.  There are a number of simple, but easily ignored, things you can do to make your content more attractive and effective, without the need for technical assistance. 

  Updating your website content is a vital aspect of SEO.  Without frequently updated content, you are less likely to rank in search engine results.  Updating your site’s content may seem up to date as a difficult and time-consuming task, but with a strategy and schedule, it doesn't have to be. 

  Publishing Schedule Development  

  When developing a video publishing schedule, it is not necessary to create new content for each release.  Indeed, this approach may cost more time and money in the long run. Alternatively, you can develop a comprehensive and permanent video installment campaign. Develop a series of how to accompany the launch of your new product or answer urgent customer questions as part of product development research. 

  Most video viewers have a relatively short attention span.  It is important to create videos that only take a few minutes.  To create a strong video marketing campaign, set a goal to post a clip once a week during the campaign cycle. 

  For each release, schedule video content releases while supporting marketing activities.  To enhance the process, you may want to accompany video premiums with blog articles.  From there, plan to release the video in as many related channels as possible.  Post it to your website or social media, embed or link to it from the newsletter and encourage employees to share the video after posting. 

  To start, you will need to develop a great content strategy and deployment plan, covering all platforms with a full suite of different interactive content;  From social media to emails and video campaigns to weekly webinars and of course your blog.  You might even stick to producing an annual online course, or another larger piece of content like a worksheet or an ebook that adds value to your industry and your business.  Think about the daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual content. 

  Then, agree on the content creation process that works for you - whether it's working remotely with a marketing company, or using agile methodologies to get the job done internally. 

  Scheduling social media posts is a great time saving, but unfortunately, it prevents your videos from automatically playing in user feeds.  Since uploading videos one by one is not perfect, consider alternative ways to prevent users from scrolling to the past.  Including high-quality graphics is a great way to attract attention, while encouraging clicks. 

Although the visual aspects of your social posts are essential to attracting initial attention, the surrounding version is very important to get your audience to take the next step.  Professional copy authors have the skill to define the tone and sound to use to communicate with your target audience and motivate them to act, all while staying on the message.  This requires not only mastery of convincing language, but a thorough understanding of the desires and needs of your audience. 

  High-quality video, transcription and graphics can be used together with miracles to increase audience engagement on social media.  The key is to find a trusted partner who can plan, create and implement the three in a way that tells your story smoothly.