Coffee Lover Gift Mugs: The Perfect Inexpensive Gift for All Occasions

Coffee Lover gift mugs are the perfect any time gift for the coffee lover in your life. They are easy to make, inexpensive and when the mug is empty, your favorite coffee lover will have a new mug to use every morning.

Bean Me Up Scotty

Seems like you always need a small gift for a teacher, coworker or even Mom or Dad? These Coffee Lover gift mugs are perfect for that. You can make them yourself with a few items you can buy at your favorite grocer or dollar store. You can follow any theme you want. Best of all, they are inexpensive.

Coffee Lover Gift mugs are the perfect quickie gift for anyone any time of year, and when your friend is done with the coffee, they'll have a mug to use every morning.

For an added touch, feel free to include my poem, "Coffee Lover." Simply print it, trim it and tie it to your Coffee Lover gift mug as a personalized tag.


Gorilla Coffee

Coffee Lover

I need caffeine
to wake me up
Please pour some brown stuff
In my cup

I'm not myself
'til I finish my brew
That's just how it is,
So what can I do?

So if I were you,
I'd just go away
'til I finish my coffee,
I have nothing to say

Written by The Nice Lady

Holiday Coffee




If you have a gift wrapping stash, chances are you already have most of what you need for your Coffee Lover gift mugs. Check your stash for paper shreds, cellophane, tissue or other gift wrapping items. Buy the rest inexpensively at your nearby dollar store. You will need:

Paper shreds or colorful tissue. Keep an eye out for after Easter bargains. The shredded filler I used cost 33 cents a bag.

Decide on tulle, cellophane or a colorful gift bag to wrap up your mug when you're done.

I found an inexpensive roll of 6-inch wide tulle in the dollar store wedding aisle.

You can buy tulle in a fabric store for under a dollar per yard.

Coffee gift pack


Coffee Lover Gift Mug and Contents

Coffee mugs from the dollar store

Box of 7 coffee singles. I used Taster's Choice instant coffee singles, 1 dollar in the grocer or dollar store

Box of 7 Coffee-Mate Non Dairy Coffee Creamer singles, also 1 dollar in the grocer or dollar store

Single Packets of sugar or sweetener


Optional items

Decorative ribbon

Colorful Stickers

Cereal bars for a Coffee Lover snack

Small individually wrapped candies



Decide Your Coffee Lover Mug Theme

Male, female, birthday, Valentines Day, Mother's Day, Christmas? Decide your gift-giving theme before you purchase supplies.

Choose your coffee mugs according to your gift giving theme - Dollar store coffee mugs come in a wide assortment of colors and themes. You can find similar mugs for a few dollars in just about any discount store.

Choose paper or plastic shreds, tissue or tulle in complimentary colors or buy neutral white and add color with ribbons and content.


Gather Supplies to Work Quickly

You know how it is when you need a last minute gift. You feel rushed enough as it is. Why not get organized ahead of time. Gather your supplies. Have everything within reach as you begin assembling your Coffee Lover gift mugs.


Putting your Coffee Lover Gift Mug Together

Don't over-stuff your Coffee Lover gift mug. Remember a mug is small, the whole point is to keep things simple and inexpensive. Just add enough items to make it a thoughtful gift.

Wash and dry your mugs

Add a layer of paper shreds or tissue in the bottom to slightly elevate your contents.

Arrange your gift mug contents.

-Add two instant coffee singles.

-Add two coffee creamer singles.

-Add two packets of sugar or sweetener.

-Add a few mints or a Hershey's kiss or two.

-Add a cereal bar or power bar for a snack.

-For a decorative touch, use colorful shreds or tissue to fill in the gaps between your items.

 Coffee gift pack 2

Wrap Your Coffee Gift Mug

After you have arranged the contents in your mug, use your tulle, tissue or cellophane for a decorative outer wrapping.

If you bought your tulle by the yard, cut a square 18 X 18 inches or cut an18 inch diameter circle

If you use strips of tulle, arrange them in a star pattern and set your mug in the middle before gathering the ends. (see illustration)

Gather the tulle or cellophane at the top and tie it with a ribbon or a thin piece of tulle.

If you bought cellophane gift bags, simply slip your mug inside and tie with a ribbon.

Add a tag, stickers, curly ribbon, a big tulle ribbon or whatever you choose for decorative touches or a hint of color.



Go fancy with your Coffee Lover gift mug, buy a nice china cup or a super fancy mug from a department store.

Make your mug a Hot Chocolate Lover mug or a Tea Lover mug. Simply substitute gourmet tea bags or gourmet hot chocolate in single serve packets.


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