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Cash App Investing 

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The investment in cash applications was originally launched in November of 2019. Since its launch, the mobile payment service has launched into the investment space. 

Originally, the Cash app only allowed users to transfer money to each other.  By 2018, it started to support bitcoin trading and ACH (automatic clearinghouse) deposits.  After transferring the money to another user, you can then withdraw the money through the company's Visa debit card or through ATMs.  In addition, you can transfer money to a local bank account. 

More features will continue to be added in the future, but stock trading has already achieved great success.  For example, investing in cash applications allows you to: 

  • Start trading and investing in no more than $ 1. 

  • Purchase a small portion of the share of major companies such as Apple or Twitter. 

  • Buy stocks without any fees at all. 

  • Get to buy large pieces of preferred stock. 

The above features are a great way for Square to attract young investors.  Now you can dip your toes in investment waters with the big companies that support them and actually use them in your life.