About VIP

About VIP

For the last decade, since 2007, Videos Images and Pictures DCC LLC has created cool and exciting content for multiple platforms. We have received millions of hits, broadcast views, and web activity, comments, questions and more. VIP and founder Greg Reese has been featured on CNN, Fox News, CNN Internation, Headline News, Yahoo Voices, Associated Content, Associated Press, YouTube, local, national and international broadcasting stations. We have also helped to facilitate advertising campaigns, political campaigns and many others. Along with the above, we have been fortunate to receive awards, certificates, and web badges that display our milestones and accomplishments. Now we are ready to renew and expand the goal and vision!

In 2017, we teamed up with Adobe as a stock content contributor and we are focused on capturing quality photos and other digital assets for display within their platform. This will give us access to millions of customers, which will help reshape the way we inspire people. It will change how we capture and create user images and digital content. This process is essential in building the future of VIP.

We will build, create and share with our platform and our communities on Facebook. We will be innovative in traditional media marketing and advertising. We will make great memories to help fuel the growth of the VIP company.

 At VIP we believe we can "Produce and Create Digital Content for People to Enjoy, Remember and Give a Positive Response, 'Like' & 'Love' on Social Media and Share with Future Generations!"


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