V.I.P. means Videos Images Pictures for You!

VIP is nearly ready to launch its new home, website, and user platform! After nearly a decade of generating cool and exciting content, millions of hits, broadcast views, and web activity for platforms such as CNN, Fox News, Yahoo Voices, Associated Content, YouTube, local, national and international advertising campaigns, political campaigns and many others, Videos Images and Pictures DCC LLC now has a permanent place to call its own.

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Although we will continue to share with the industries major content producers, we will offer exclusive VIPs you can only get right here at www.VideosImagesPictures.com . In addition to that, we are also building an incredible stock photo and content site community! 

When we created VIP, our vision was capturing HD photography and simplifying HD video production for small businesses and other customers. We would print and sell photography, as well as focus on marketing content on various social media outlets. We have more than accomplished that goal, and we are moving forward. Elements of the original idea will remain, but its time to expand.

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Recently we have teamed up with Adobe as a stock content contributor and our sales are really starting to pick up. As we continue to capture photos and other digital assets for display within their platform, our reach gets broader and our vision gets more defined. With access to millions of customers, we see what inspires people and we strive to capture and create those images. This helps in building the future of VIP.

Facebook is a major part of our long-term strategic business planning and it helps us to connect with people in many ways, with various brands that promote Videos Images Pictures. One of our thriving FB communities is "Upload a Video or Picture Today and Share" . In that community people from all over the globe come together and share some of their favorite content. Other pages, groups, and communities include "We Love Nature Channel", "Sharing Flowers Page", "Mobile Games Group" and of course our original page "Videos Images Pictures Business Page"  . Our communities on Facebook are far-reaching and they fuel the growth of the VIP company.

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We invite you to join us on this awesome journey, watch us work, as we reach our goals and objectives, then soar to the next level of business. A major mission for the company is being recognized nationally as an innovator in the quality photography and creative video production industry. Also, provide our clients and customers with excellent products and services that will build consumer loyalty.

At VIP we believe we can "Produce and Create Digital Content for People to Enjoy, Remember and Give a Positive Response, 'Like' & 'Love' on Social Media and Share with Future Generations!"

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