Top Ten VIP Downloads on Pixabay

For the last month, VIP has been giving away FREE Photos, Video clips and Image downloads through a site called Pixabay, and it has been FUN! Not only have we given 30,000 plus downloads, but we are currently #2 on the site's most active users list! Of course, #1 is our goal and we're working toward that every day! Along with most active status, Pixabay displays a lot of other stats such as total likes, favorites, comments, and views. They also list the most popular users, and we are climbing the list there as well.

Although the complete stats are wonderful, the most important one for us are the downloaded content stats. That shows us the interests of our potential customers and clients. Below are the photos of our Top Ten Downloaded Photos for this week!



The Moon:



Squirrel on a Tree



Light Blue Gift Box






Colorful Butterfly



A Brick Wall



John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge



CVG Airplane Viewing Area



Fries from a restaurant 



Eden Park

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