Thousands of Daily Digital Downloads coming in the New Year 2018!

The New Year is just about a month away and with this, our minds are being renewed with thoughts of resolutions, goals, and personal success. The best way to measure success is by actions and documentation. A few great ways to document is by writing and recording progress, using Videos, Images, and Pictures to map out a course, to obtain and achieve your accomplishments.


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It is often said that a picture is worth a thousand words, or it is better to see something than to have it explained to you one hundred times! We know this to be true when we think about famous images, drawings or paintings created and captured by Michelangelo, Norman Rockwell, Picasso or Gordon Parks, just to name a few.


So then, what is a video worth? A Million? Ten Million words? We may never be able to really put our finger on the value, but looking at the latest viral video clip we know it has been a major benefit for the company or individual that made it.



In 2017 approximately 300 million photos were uploaded to Facebook daily and over  300 hours of video were uploaded to YouTube every minuteSome of those content creators made good income or received a great promotion for their product. Some are just happy being an internet influencer or just getting some social media popularity.


In any case, VideosImages, and Pictures play a significant role in today's society. VIPs touch people like never before. They encourage comments, questions, concerns. They educate, inform and change lives. This is part of the reason we've launched our platform. Another purpose of this site is to share with future generations!


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With the VIP site, we look forward to being successful in this massive digital content industry, both professionally and financially. Throughout the last decade, we've captured and created over a million pieces of content and received millions of hits, broadcast views, and web activity. We've given free access to thousands of hours of videos and allowed free downloads of thousands of our images, photos, audio tracks, clips and other digital properties. That access is still available online today!



In addition to the current networking communities, we are introducing Daily Digital Downloads which will provide premium content downloads at less than premium prices. Beginning with thousands of digital downloads coming in early 2018. With VIP's Daily Digital Downloads, you will be able to use our creative content for unlimited use within your personal projects, office projects, websites, and share on social media sites, Personal Vision Boards and more!


Rest assured our photos will spark your imagination, our audio and video clips will help your creativity flow, and you will be glad you've downloaded our VIPs daily, to take your project to the next visual level! 
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