Places To Go: For Cool Photos In The Cincinnati Ohio Area

I've captured thousands of video clips and images in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. In this post I will show you photos and give you locations just in case you want to snap the same pic and add your own vision.

Cincinnati's Colorful Skyline

I captured this shot of Cincinnati Ohio's Skyline from Newport, Kentucky. I was on the banks of the Ohio River about 50 yards from Riverboat Row in Newport. Not to far from General James Taylor Park and B&B Riverboats.


Over The Rhine Neighborhood

This Shot was captured from the north side of the Carew Tower's Observation Deck, facing the city. The Carew Tower is located at 41 W 5th St, Cincinnati, OH. The buildings and streets you see here are in an area of Cincinnati called OTR or Over The Rhine.


Union Terminal in Cincinnati, Ohio

This Image is The Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal, originally called Cincinnati Union Terminal. This building is a National Historic Landmark in the city. I capture this shot from right at the base of the properties water fountain and concrete water way structure. 




Cold Skyline

This is a portion of the Cincinnati Skyline captured during the winter months.
This image was captured from Covington, Kentucky while I was on the The Covington Landing.




John A. Roebling Bridge Walkway

I snapped this shot as I was walking across the John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge from Cincinnati, Ohio to Covington, Kentucky just after I passed the Cincinnati Side Bridge Tower. In the background you can see the Covington Tower and a few buildings located in Covington.



John A. Roebling Bridge Entry

I captured this shot of the John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge standing in the middle of the roundabout on the Ohio side of the bridge near the pedestrian connector. 


This photo was captured from the Price Hill neighborhood in Cincinnati, at the corner of Matson Place and W. Eighth St. Sitting in the Olden View Park right between the Incline Public House and The Queen's Tower.

Come back later this month for more Places to Go to get Cool Photos!

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