New York, New York!

Go Brooklyn

After my recent trip to the NYC, I'm feeling good!

This November I was able to visit New York for the first time! We made some great connections, and captured thousands of images! Now that I'm back in Cincinnati, I'm in total Super Superb and Supreme creative mode!

Although I traveled through New York city in 2004 to go to New Jersey, this was the first time in my life that I was able to see some of the massive buildings and iconic structures up close.
The G Train Subway

Here is another good thing. We went up for two days and the meeting went so well, We came back for three more days, all within a seven day span.

We will also be heading back to New York City soon to capture another VIP Party that will take us to yet another level of business!

It's like a high school music venture dream come true! Rockin' Parties in NYC!!! #mydreamsarenowreality Only in this dream, instead of rockin' the mic, I'm using my camera to make sure everyone else is in position, so they can look good while they are rockin' the spotlight! #lightscameraaction
New York City Manhattan

While I was there I was able to go to Harlem, The Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan and got lightweight lost in Queens. Well, I went 7 subway stops into Queens from my Manhattan stop! Not so fun, but I got right back to see Times Square Lit Up and Live with tens of thousands of people in the early evening!

Although business activities will be heavy the next time we go, I hope to capture another few thousand images to create some more great New York City Visuals that I can share worldwide!

Stay Tuned to see what I'm able to get! If you have any suggestions, leave them in the comment section below!
NYC New York

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