Giving Away FREE Photos = FUN! FUN! FUN!

For about 15 days VIP has been focusing on giving away FREE photo and video clip downloads through the Pixabay website, and it has been really FUN tracking our progress!

Today, Sunday, March 25, visitors have downloaded 10,000 of our VIP photos for FREE, NO COST, and many more downloads to come. In fact, just since this past Monday 7500 images and video clips have been downloaded. We are getting very popular and beginning to trend on the Pixabay site. So Cool!

Here are some of the photos you can download from Pixabay instantly!

Strawberry Fruit

Color Butterfly

Egg Shells




Berries Fruit


These are just a few, but you have hundreds of pieces of VIP content on the site, and tens of thousands of other users content to download as well!

Keep coming back Daily to see what Digital Downloads you can get next!!!





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