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Daniel and Daddy Rap Fun

My son Daniel keeps me feeling youthful and so motivated for success. On December 13, 2017, he will be 10 years old! A full decade of life! Nice!!! :) For his special day we are doing a soft launch of his online store all month long, and I want to get him a lot of customers. If you are reading this, no matter where you are in the universe, I ask that you purchase something from his new enterprise. We need your support!

About two years ago, I introduced him to a few of my favorite hobbies: Hip Hop, rapping, reporting, writing, dancing and creating song lyrics. Actually, the introduction was when he was one-month-old in January 2008 with my popular Obama Rap. As I was recording the video, he was right in the room sitting in his baby floor seat. That election year he heard a lot of my songs throughout the day because I became a stay-at-home daddy. Now as I think about it, even a year earlier, he became familiar with songs and melodies as his mom would sing to him before he was born. As parents, we've made music, business, education and entertainment a daily part of his life so we know he is ready for success!

Daniel's Baby Picture

In 2009 he helped me create a concept for kids that became popular and is currently getting views, comments and creating income. His thought process for ideas and concepts are great. I've produced a ton of videos because his vision motivates me.

In the following years, as he began to advance, his ideas became inspirations for methods of education and ways of teaching other children. Although going to school at first was difficult for him, my wife Dawnyell, Daniel's mom, helped him excel in basic reading and higher levels of learning. This included reading and comprehension, science, and music! For him technology was easy. Sports was second nature. Art, not a problem!

 Daniel's Photo Shoot

At one point, I did have a concern for his expression of certain ideas and the way he would apply his memory techniques, but as he worked with different teachers, we got positive results. He began to receive, better grades, assessments and made getting "on the honor roll" his goal every quarter!  



Daniel has done so many things that have amazed me, but currently, the one that is so close to my heart is when he memorized and recorded the first rap I wrote for him. In 2015 we would do freestyle rhymes, off the top of our head in the car and one day we just decided that he would do a rap song! That week, I wrote the "move, bounce" rap song and gave him the printed lyrics, thinking, it would be cool if he could learn this in a week or two. I remember doing photography events all weekend and when I came home Sunday, less than two days after, Daniel and his mom said they have a surprise for me. I was like "Cool!!!" Then he started to spit 'FIRE!!!' lol not really, it was just a basic rap but he knew the full 16 bars. I was like "do that again son!" He did. and then I got out my computer and recorded his vocals and 'Rap Progress' 


 DTL Let's Ball

It was so many reasons why I Loved what happen that day, one is I Love seeing my son succeed in whatever he puts his mind to, another is I Love to see my creativity come to life. Those two things happened in a major way that weekend! 


DTL Rocks The Mic


A natural progression in Hip Hop after Emceein' or Rockin' The Mic, is obtaining more knowledge, learning various dance forms, wearing and creating street fashion, and building street business and enterprises.  And while Daniel is mastering those elements, we knew it would be good if we put a brand with the vision. This again is where we need your support! Every day we are thinking of new "ideas for the future" and most of them will be introduced within his store or posted on his various social media sites. 

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Dance Daniel like MJ

You can help us build by becoming a customer! We have products and items that will range from a $1 download to a $70 printed canvas piece and everything in between! DTL Logoed tees, posters, accessories, prints and everything #Fresh and #Awesome! For the month of December, we will be adding products every day!

Please celebrate Daniel's B-Day by becoming a customer or if it's not in your budget this month, just join our VIP mailing list and come back when we have a deal for you! We Thank You in advance! Click Here for www.DanielTheLeader.com 

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