Dawnyell C. Reese's Original #fatherandson International Photo


Father and Son We Rock The Mic!


About two years ago, Dawnyell Reese (my wife) captured this incredible image of me and my son! When we saw it, we knew it was great, but we never did much with it!

In March 2018 I posted it as my cover on facebook and got a lot of likes and good comments. One was from a Las Vegas Pastor who said, that this was a great Father's Day Card image.

Around the same time, Dawnyell posted it on Pixabay, a Public Domain Content Site as her first image. To date, there are 4 likes, 7 favorites, 298 views and 102 Downloads. But much more exciting than that, after doing an accidental google search on the image, while trying to save it to Pinterest, I found out that people are using the image in some cool places and with an international flare.

Father and Son Image Google Search

 Father and Son International

There are some posts with Hindu writing, German, Spanish, Chinese and even Arabic. There are posts as website covers, microstock content images, and even site display ads. I've even found one as a video picture for an audio rap song from the east!

My wife did a great job by capturing this image, and although it's now in the public domain, for all to use, free of charge, she will still be rewarded for her work!

Father and Son Tee We Rock The Mic

Of course, it starts here at the VIP home where we take our photos and images and create T-shirts, and other products to give #fresh life to our great photography efforts! 

Another Plus is this weekend is Father's Day Weekend and with that, we hope that thousands more people download, create, upload and share this image. That would be a great viral kickoff to our successful summer! #summerofsuccess

We will keep you updated, but until then please search for products with our image that you would like to have, or just download the image and be the first to share! We Thank You In advance!


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