Amazon Promotions For Fall!

It's Pretty Cool, I am officially an Amazon Associate! My program application has been approved!

Years ago I was a Amazon Affiliate, before Amazon blasted into the stratosphere. But more recently, in the last 12 months, I applied for the program and I was not successful. That's all in the past and Today is a New Day!

When I saw the e mail, I saw Amazon and I was not sure what to think. Then I quickly noticed that I was approved! 

My heart started pounding, my mind was like YES!!! I did it! Although I didn't do much, just shared the links and banners and people responded.  It felt good! Yeah!

I know there is still a lot of work to do, to create great income, but I felt like I just accomplished a big goal.

I know there are tens of thousands of associates, but the thing is, none of them were me. And I know it seems like it should be easy to become and affiliate, but I was rejected earlier this year. It's like I started from the bottom, Now I'm Here!  Yes I'm here!

For the next two weeks leading up to Christmas and the New Year, I'm going to do everything reasonable to get my associate program links and banners in front of thousands of people, possibly a million individuals!

It could be hard, it could be easy. There are a lot of us out there looking for shoppers to use our personal links. But again they are not me and that is my advantage! That may be the reason that you are even reading this!

So if you read this far I thank you, and just below are some of the Amazon Fall Promotion Banners with some of the greatest deals!

If you don't see the item, product or deal that you want, just search because I have integrated hundreds of Amazon items in to the site. If you still don't see what you want, I appreciate you for  trying and is just on the next browser page.

As the weeks go on I will, look for the best way to maximize my new Amazon Associate-ship! So  just search, click and purchase!



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